How to submit entries

National Newspaper Award entries for all but two categories must be submitted online. Only Presentation and Project of the Year entries may be submitted as hard copy. The entry site will open for submissions on Dec. 15, closing on Jan. 15.


  1. Go to the registration page by clicking the Register Now link from the Entering menu
  2. Fill out the registration form, making sure to enter information in all required fields
  3. Click SUBMIT when done.

Submitting Entries

  1. Click the Enter Now link from the Entering menu and sign in using your Username and Password
  2. Select a category from the pull-down menu. (you can click the Submission link to select a different category at any time)
  3. Select Upload New Entry
  4. Click the “Help” icon (a red question mark) for information about what to include in that input box
  5. Browse to the folder where your stories, illustrations, pictures, cartoons or links to other files are stored and select the file or link to be submitted
  6. To submit a story, a page of tweets or a letter you simply open the file then copy and paste it into the input box that is displayed after you click the Add Story 1, Add Letter etc. link
  7. Ensure you have added ALL the required files and information then click the SUBMIT button. The system will NOT accept a photography entry that does not have a Proof of Publication file in either JPEG or PDF format attached.
  8. When you click Submit the files will be uploaded and you will be prompted to Submit another entry or to Finish.

Preparing your entries

Take a little time to get everything ready. Keep all the elements of each entry together in a single folder.

Writing Categories – Online writing category entries will be submitted by copying and pasting the story into the form.  Creating a text (.txt) file is no longer required.

  1. Click Upload Entry
  2. Click Add Story then copy your story from whatever program you are viewing it and paste it into the Story 1 input box
  3. To ensure the story looks as good as it can for the judges, add a line space between paragraphs if there are none and delete unwanted formatting characters
  4. Click the next Story link to submit another story
  5. Fill out all fields and then click Submit

For the Project of the Year category, copy and paste a covering letter into the Story 1 input field found on the submission form. All URLs must be placed in the input fields supplied. (Please Note: If a password is needed to access the URL make sure it is included, with the URL, in the letter).  Illustrations must be submitted in PDF or JPG format. Audio files can be provided in WAV or MP3 format (keep the file size as small as possible). Video and Flash files, because of the variety of types and large file sizes, must be submitted as URL links in the fields provided.

Photography and Editorial Cartoon Categories – collect the pieces for each entry; a JPEG of the image or cartoon; proof of publication in the print, online or mobile version of a daily newspaper as a PDF or JPG file for all photo entries and optionally, a letter from an editor supporting the nomination.

Editorial Cartoon entries do not have to submit proof of publication for each cartoon but must include the publication date for each of the five cartoons. Enter the dates in the Publication Date fields provided on the submission form.

Useful Tips

  1. Prepare each picture or cartoon to be entered in RGB JPEG format, not less than 2048 pixels on the longest side and NOT LARGER than 3072 pixels. Compress the JPEG file so that the file size is not more than 1.5 megabytes.
  2. Use File/File Info in Photoshop to enter the photographer/artist’s full name in the Byline/Author field, a short caption (with who, what, where and when) for the picture/cartoon, the photographer or artist’s name as well as the newspaper or news service name in the caption field.
  3. Save illustrations in (.jpg) or (.pdf) formats
  4. Store these files, stories and letter in the appropriate folder where you can easily find them during the submission process.
  5. One person at a newspaper or news service may submit all entries or each author can choose to submit his/her own work.
  6. You are now ready to go to to submit your entries.

To submit your NNA entries now CLICK HERE