Journalist of the Year

At the 2015 awards gala in Toronto, a new award named Journalist of the Year was presented for the first time. The NNA Board of Governors added this award because year after year, the board found that some NNA-winning journalism is so extraordinary, it deserved further recognition. Some stories are simply unforgettable, some journalists beyond exceptional.

The NNA board of Governors convened a panel of former NNA winners to judge this award to ensure it was the highest honour possible – an award bestowed by other working journalists who understand what it means to produce journalism at this level.

The panel for the inaugural award were all NNA winners: Amber Bracken, Agnès Gruda and Jacquie McNish. The panel met in person for a marathon session to consider winners of all categories for the current award year, excluding teams of more than two as the design of the award dictated.

Previous Winners: