How to register

If your organization has not previously entered the contest

The organization must apply for eligibility by no later than December 1, in order that eligibility can be determined before the contest opens to entrants on December 15. To apply, contact Executive Director Paul Woods ( or Program Director Sharon Hockin ( You will be sent a questionnaire that must be completed and returned by December 1.


If your organization has previously submitted entries and/or is eligible to do so, but you have never personally submitted an entry

You must register to gain access to the entry site. You will be required to fill out a form that includes contact information as well the selection of a news organization from a drop-down menu. That selection must be an organization that published the work and is eligible to enter the contest. You will be issued a UserID and Password that allow you to gain access and submit content to the entry site. To get started, REGISTER NOW.


If you have personally submitted an entry in the past

You should be able to do so again using the same UserID and Password you received when you registered. If you cannot remember your previous UserID or Password, contact Program Director Sharon Hockin.


Once you have a UserID and Password, you can submit entries. Go to the NNA home page, click on the Entering tab, then click on Enter Now.

All categories must be entered using the online entry system. Two categories (Presentation and Project of the Year) permit the submission of hard-copy entries, but entrants must still log in to the entry system to initiate the process and receive an entry ID number.





The entry system may time you out if it takes too long for you to complete the entry. If this happens, you will have to delete the entry and start over. For this reason, we recommend that you (1) have all of your work assembled in advance on the computer you are using to submit the entry, and (2) make any required formatting adjustments to text entries (such as inserting line breaks) BEFORE you submit your entry.

To make it easy for judges to read, all work in text format must be submitted with a line break between each paragraph. Do this ahead of time by pasting the text into a word-processing program and adding paragraph or line breaks either manually or by using the find-and-replace function.



Upload your photos (.jpg format) and proofs of publication (.jpg or .pdf) in the appropriate fields, ensuring that your photos meet the required technical specifications (JPG format, not less than 2048 pixels on the longest side and not larger than 3072 pixels. Compress the JPG files so that they are not more than 1.5 megabytes).

NOTE: The entry form initially provides only one field for a photo and one for a proof of publication. Once a picture or proof has been uploaded, another field will appear on the form; this happens to a maximum of 10 fields in each part of the form.

Although there is no asterisk on the Supporting Letter field to indicate that a Supporting Letter is mandatory, entrants in this category MUST upload a document or text file (.doc or .txt) into this field. This file MUST include caption information for all photos submitted as part of the entry, since metadata embedded in the photos may be removed by the entry system.

When you have added all photos, proofs of publication and the caption document in the Supporting Letter field, click on Submit – then be patient. Ten high-res images can use up a lot of bandwidth – it may take a few minutes for the entry to be received and accepted. Depending on what browser you use, you may see an “upload progress report” somewhere on your screen.

Once the entry has been fully uploaded, the entry page in your browser may appear to go blank, without confirmation that the entry was successful. If this happens, don’t panic! If you use the browser’s scroll bar to scroll up, you should see confirmation near the top of the screen.

Uploading should work on any web browser, but if you have difficulty, we recommend Chrome, which can be downloaded for free from

If after taking all of these steps, you cannot find confirmation of success in uploading the entry, contact us ( or We will let you know if the entry has been received; if not, we will work with you to sort out whatever issues are preventing you from getting it to us.