If your organization has not previously entered the contest

The organization must apply for eligibility by no later than December 1, in order that eligibility can be determined before the contest opens to entrants. To apply, contact the Executive Director (exec@nna-ccj.ca) or the Program Director (info@nna-ccj.ca). You will be sent a questionnaire that must be completed and returned by December 1.


If your organization has previously submitted entries and/or is eligible to do so, but you have never personally submitted an entry

You must register to gain access to the entry site. You will be required to fill out a form that includes contact information as well the selection of a news organization from a drop-down menu. That selection must be an organization that published the work and is eligible to enter the contest. You will be issued a UserID and Password that allow you to gain access and submit content to the entry site. To get started, REGISTER NOW.


If you have personally submitted an entry in the past

You should be able to do so again using the same UserID and Password you received when you registered. If you cannot remember your previous UserID or Password, contact the Program Director (info@nna-ccj.ca).


Once you have a UserID and Password, you can submit entries. Go to the NNA home page, click on the Entering tab, then click on Enter Now.

All categories must be entered using the online entry system. Two categories (Presentation and Project of the Year) permit the submission of hard-copy entries, but entrants must still log in to the entry system to initiate the process and receive an entry ID number.