How to submit entries

Entries in all categories must be submitted through our online entry system. Steps to enter are outlined below.

Entrants are permitted to submit hard-copy work in two categories: Presentation and Project of the Year. If you wish to submit hard-copy work in either of those two categories, you must first create an entry in the online entry system (following the steps outlined below), then contact Program Director Sharon Hockin ( to make arrangements to ship your work to NNA administration so that it can be distributed to judges. The deadline for us to receive hard-copy submissions in these two categories is Jan. 15.


Steps to Enter

  1. If you are not already registered as an entrant, click the Register now link. Follow the steps set out.
  2. Once you are registered as an entrant, click the Enter Now link, and sign in using your Username and Password.
  3. Select a category from the pull-down menu. (You can click the Submission link to select a different category at any time.)
  4. Select Upload New Entry. Click the “Help” icons (red question marks) for information about what to include in a particular input field.
  5. Browse to wherever your work is stored at your end, and select the file(s) or link(s) to be submitted. NOTE: The entry system will time out if it takes too long to complete an entry, so you are strongly advised to have all work accessible and ready to be entered when you begin the process.
  6. Some fields require or allow text to be pasted in. If you paste in text, please ensure that there is a blank line between each paragraph, to make it easier for judges to read the work.
  7. Even if you are submitting only online work through the provision of URL(s), you must include some text in the “Story 1” field. This applies to all categories except the four Photo categories and Editorial Cartooning; in those categories, a .JPG image that meets the technical requirements must be entered in at least the first “Photograph” or “Cartoon” field.
  8. Ensure that you have added ALL the required files and information, then click the SUBMIT button.
  9. IMPORTANT: Once you have clicked SUBMIT, you cannot add any content to a field that was left blank. If you wish to submit a partial entry and update it later (for instance, to add a Supporting Letter that the editor has not yet written), you must have previously entered some text into the field you plan to populate later.
  10. After you click SUBMIT, your entry will be uploaded and you will be prompted to Submit another entry or to Finish. In the case of large entries or entries with large files (particularly the photo and Editorial Cartooning categories), and in the last few days of the contest when the entry system has many users, it may take a few minutes for you to receive a response from the system.

To submit an entry now, CLICK HERE.