Tips On Entering

• You must register in advance (see “How to register”). Those who have registered in the past may submit entries using the previously issued UserID and Password. Some entrants have encountered difficulties using Chrome as their browser. Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer are each compatible.

• CAUTION: The entry system may time you out of it takes too long for you to complete the entry form. For this reason, we recommend that you make any required formatting adjustments to text entries (such as inserting line breaks) offline before you submit your entry.

• To make it easy for judges to read, all text entries should be submitted with a line break between each paragraph. You can do this ahead of time by pasting the text into a word-processing program and adding a paragraph break or line break either manually or by using the find-and-replace function.


• Text entries must be pasted as plain text into the entry form. All URLs referenced in the letter must be placed in the fields provided on the submission form. Illustrations must be submitted in PDF or JPG format and the supporting letter files in DOC, DOCX or TXT format. Audio files can be provided in WAV or MP3 format (keep the file size as small as possible). Video files, because of the variety of types and large file sizes, must be submitted as URL links in the fields provided on the submission form.

• For all submissions that include links to work published online, entrants must submit a working URL(s). If the work is posted on an archived or subscription site, the entry must provide a username and password for judges.


Although only required in Project of the Year and Beat Reporting, covering letters can be a useful guide to judges in most categories. They should be brief and the emphasis should be on context and/or the challenges experienced while producing the work.