NEW FOR 2014 – Changes to Entry Submission Process

Entries in all categories must include submission of an online entry form found on the NNA website (

Entrants submitting content in tablet format must include a brief note in the space provided in the Story 1 input box, saying that it is a tablet only entry and include a brief description of the story.  Similarly Project of the Year and Presentation category entries must also complete the online entry form and include a note saying their entry is in tearsheet form or in tablet only form (for Project of the Year).

In submitting a tablet, Project of the Year or Presentation entry, the entrant must identify the Entry ID number supplied by the NNA system after the entry has been successfully submitted.  Entrants submitting content in tablet format may be required to provide (a) tablets with the entry content pre-loaded, or (b) information that allows judges to access the entry on their own tablets (where applicable). Entrants supplying tablets on loan are required to cover shipping and handling costs.  Entry ID and the brief descriptions submitted online should be included with tearsheets or tablets shipped to the NNA.

Entries in Presentation must be submitted on tearsheets or nearly full-size photocopies.

Entries in Project of the Year may be submitted (i) on tearsheets, or nearly full-sized photocopies, or (ii) through the provision of technology that allows judges to access the work in its intended form.