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Kate Taylor, Globe and Mail

Will crypto art be artists’ salvation? Doubtful
A study in anguish preserved in Nazi-looted art
At Quebec City’s Museum of Civilization, a murder victim’s tattoo opens a debate over human remains at museums

E. Cora Hind Award for Beat Reporting / Prix E. Cora hind pour le Journalisme spécialisé

Améli Pineda and Magdaline Boutros, Le Devoir

Double féminicide à Sainte-Sophie: une ex-conjointe du suspect juge ne pas avoir été prise au sérieux
Se cacher d’un ex-conjoint remis en liberté
Violence conjugale: le programme d’evaluation des conjoints violents peu utilisé
Enfants de la violence conjugale


Breaking News / Nouvelles de dernière heure

Team/Équipe, London Free Press

Family of pedestrians killed in intentional anti-Muslim attack: London police
The painful recent history of targeted attacks on Muslims in Canada
SIMS: A typical Forest City family out for a walk. Until hatred attacked
Neighbours speak out about man charged in alleged anti-Muslim killings
‘Now we are left with one boy’: Crash victims remembered as ‘model family’
‘Like a horror movie’: Eyewitnesses detail crash that killed pedestrians
‘People are afraid’: Attack shifts ground for London’s Muslim community
Family killed in alleged hate attack cared for others physically, spiritually
Suspect in alleged London hate killings laughed during arrest: Witness
Alleged hate killings suspect wore body armour. What do experts say that suggests?
SIMS: Can national summit on Islamaphobia turn tragedy into change?
Thousands attend mosque vigil for slain London Muslim family
Londoners line roads en masse to support Muslim community
PHOTOS: Thousands gather in sorrow to mourn lost London family


Breaking News Photo / Photo de nouvelles de dernière heure

Tim Krochak, Halifax Chronicle Herald


Business / Économie

Greg McArthur, Tim Kiladze, Joe Castaldo, Wendy Stueck, Globe and Mail

How Bridging Finance fooled Bay Street — and hundreds of millions of dollars disappeared
Bridging Finance’s missing man: Who is Sean McCoshen, the dealmaker tied up in the private lender’s fall?
Bridging Finance’s largest borrower used fabricated investment documents to secure loans 


Mary Ann Shadd Cary Award for Columns / Prix Mary Ann Shadd Cary pour la Chronique

Karyn Pugliese, National Observer

For Indigenous children in Canada, the legacy of residential schools never ended
With the help of the mounties, the priests piled the children into boats and floated away
‘I was beaten severely all over my body with a strap … The only reason he quit was that he was too exhausted to continue’


Editorial Cartooning / Caricature

Bruce MacKinnon, Halifax Chronicle Herald


Claude Ryan Award for Editorial Writing / Prix Claude Ryan pour l’Éditorial

David Ebner, Globe and Mail

Canada’s wild housing market is making a case for the country’s most unpopular tax
Heat, fires, floods: The world’s climate future hits British Columbia
Canada promises net zero by 2050. Canada’s energy regulator predicts lots of oil in 2050


Explanatory Work / Texte explicatif

Tu Thanh Ha, Globe and Mail

How Quebec’s response to COVID-19 left 4,000 dead in long-term care homes


Feature Photo / Photo de reportage

Evan Buhler, RMO Today


General News Photo / Photo d’actualité générale

Nathan Denette, Canadian Press


Norman Webster Award for International Reporting / Prix Norman Webster pour le Reportage à caractère international

Mark MacKinnon, Globe and Mail

Escape from Afghanistan: How Canadian journalists saved their colleagues in the nick of time, with help from Ukraine
Inside Taliban-held Afghanistan: ‘There is no food, no help, nothing here’
Afghans who worked for Canadian military still waiting for rescue from Kabul safe house


George Brown Award for Investigations / Prix George Brown pour la Grande enquête

Tavia Grant, Tom Cardoso, David Milstead, Globe and Mail

The Catholic Chruch in Canada is worth billions, a Globe investigation shows. Why are its reparations for residential schools so small?
How much Canadian wealth does the Catholic Church have? Inside the Globe investigation
‘A great injustice’: Indigenous leaders call for reparations from Catholic Church for residential schools abuses
Catholic Church charity set up to pay residential school survivors spent $6.46-million on expenses
Documents cast doubt on whether Catholic Church met obligations for residential school survivors
How the Catholic Church was freed from obligation to residential school survivors
Catholic Church ran most of Canada’s residential schools, yet remains largely silent about their devastating legacy
Archibishop won’t commit to asking Pope for residential school apology
Canadian Catholic bishops apologize for ‘grave abuses’ at residential schools, vow to raise funds for Indigenous efforts
Residential school records may lie deep in Vatican’s archives


Local Reporting / Reportage à caractère local

Tanya Foubert, Evan Buhler, Greg Colgan, RMO Today

Buried in the Aftermath: Death of Canmore’s Doug Churchill after 2016 avalanche leads to survivors forming Backcountry Safe initiative
Buried in the Aftermath: Mountain guides affected by post-traumatic stress after critical incidents in the backcountry
Buried in the Aftermath: ‘Low probability, high consequence events are every climber’s nightmare’
Buried in the Aftermath: Guiding association committed to addressing post-critical response
EDITORIAL: Culture change is necessary, messy and hard work


William Southam Award for Long Feature / Prix William Southam pour le Reportage élaboré

Tori Marlan, Capital Daily

The man who stole a hotel: How Timothy Durkin took control of Sooke Harbour House


John Wesley Dafoe Award for Politics / Prix John Wesley Dafoe pour la Politique

Althia Raj, Toronto Star

The Star talked to 57 insiders. Here’s what we learned about how Justin Trudeau turned around his faltering campaign and defeated Erin O’Toole
Pent-up Tory frustration leads to ‘bloodbath’ on the caucus floor


Presentation/Design / Présentation/Conception graphique

Nathan Pilla, Kelsey Wilson, Tania Pereira, Toronto Star

Fire in the Sky: A terrifying blaze at 200 Wellesley brought a fire crew to its knees — and changed the way Toronto fights highrise fires forever.


John Honderich Award for Project of the Year / Prix John Honderich pour le Projet de l’année

La Presse

‹‹ Des jenues sans historique se retrouvent avec une arme à feu dans les mains ››
Acheter une arme, un jeu d’enfant
Le nouveau Far West
Adolescents armés et dangereux
Le tireurs à Maserati
Un cocktail suspect
Petite-Bourgogne, le retour des gangsters
Tués ‹‹ pour un oui ou pour un non ››
Qui était Jeune Loup ?
Et si la solution passait par d’ex-gangsters réhabilités ?


Bob Levin Award for Short Feature / Prix Bob Levin pour le Reportage bref

Marcus Gee, Globe and Mail

The fate of a memorial to Oshawa’s dead souls


Bobbie Rosenfeld Award for Sports / Prix Bobbie Rosenfeld pour le Sport

Grant Robertson and Rachel Brady, Globe and Mail

Dangerous Games: A troubling number of Canadian Olympics are bingeing, purging and starving themselves. Inside the eating-disorder problem in elite amateur sports.
The suspect science used to push aspiring Olympians to starve themselves
Behind the story: How a Canadian Olympian’s admission sparked a closer look at the scope of eating disorders inside elite amateur sport
‘Awakening’ around Olympians and eating disorders prompts calls from experts to focus on younger athletes


Sports Photo / Photo de sport

Melissa Tait, Globe and Mail


Sustained News Coverage / Reportage soutenu

Andrea Woo, Marcus Gee, Ian Brown, Globe and Mail

Portraits of loss: One hundred lives, felled by an overdose crisis
‘I surrender. Just please help me’: A son’s moving note to his parents underlines the pain of addiction
Searching for Angelica: The Globe follows up on an Oshawa drug user’s struggle in an opiod crisis and pandemic
‘An overdose killed my son’: More families writing honeset death notices about how their loved ones died
As Canada’s overdose deaths soar, the safe-supply debate enters a new and urgent phase
B.C. to provide regulated substances under safe supply directive to mitigate drug overdoses
Toxic drug crisis, pandemic have left front-line workers struggling to cope
At the root of the opioid crisis is our belief that Big Pharma can cure pain. Can we kick that habit?